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Custom Logo Badger Hoodies

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$19.38 - $23.93 Brand logo
Enjoy the heights of clothing technology with the Badger B-Core Custom Printed Quarter-Zip Pullover.
$19.90 - $24.52 Brand logo
The Badger Open Bottom Custom Printed Sweatpants are the epitome of casual comfort.
$22.21 - $27.16 Brand logo
Keep warm and keep casual with the Custom Printed Badger Hooded Sweatshirt.
$22.22 - $27.18 Brand logo
The Custom Embroidered Badger Pro Heather Quarter-Zip Pullover is a sleek shirt that boasts performance properties.
$23.31 - $28.43 Brand logo
Not only is the Custom Printed Badger Tonal Blend Women's Quarter Zip stylish and intelligently constructed, it is also highly practical.
$24.11 - $29.34 Brand logo
There are few shirts that compare to the Custom Printed Badger Blend Sport Quarter-Zip.
$26.04 - $31.55 Brand logo
The Badger Unbrushed Custom Imprinted Poly Trainer Pants are excellent for those days when you want to feel casual but look classy.
$28.56 - $34.43 Brand logo
Keep warm with the Custom Printed Badger Hook Hooded Sweatshirt.
$27.23 - $32.91 Brand logo
The Badger Quarter-Zip Custom Embroidered Lightweight Pullover is designed with practicality and style in mind.
$27.54 - $33.26 Brand logo
The Badger BT5 Performance Fleece Open Bottom Custom Embroidered Sweatpants offer a casual fit and a high level of comfort.
$27.58 - $33.31 Brand logo
Sleek, flattering and practical, the Custom Printed Badger Women's Quarter-Zip Lightweight Pullover has it all.
$29.21 - $35.16 Brand logo
The Custom Printed Badger BT5 Youth Performance Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt offers a high level of comfort as well as a number of unique features.
$29.49 - $35.48 Brand logo
If you want ultimate athletic performance then the Badger BT5 Performance Fleece Custom Printed Hooded Sweatshirt is what you need.
$32.06 - $37.01 Brand logo
Keep warm on those chilly days with the Custom Embroidered Badger BT5 Performance Fleece Quarter-Zip Pullover.
$33.63 - $40.22 Brand logo
The Badger Drive Custom Printed Performance Fleece Hooded Pullover offers a casual look paired with athletic performance.
$33.84 - $40.46 Brand logo
The Custom Printed Badger Digital Camo Youth Colorblock Performance Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt is an excellent combination of style and function.
$34.22 - $40.89 Brand logo
The Badger Custom Printed Sport Performance Fleece Quarter-Zip Pullover boasts a unique aesthetic as well as a high level of functionality.
$35.45 - $42.30 Brand logo
The Badger Blend Custom Printed Performance Hooded Sweatshirt boasts a high level of performance and a unique aesthetic.
$35.45 - $42.30 Brand logo
The Badger Pro Heather Fusion Custom Imprinted Performance Fleece Quarter-Zip Pullover is a classy shirt which boasts a high level of athletic performance.
$36.39 - $43.37 Brand logo
The Badger Pro Heather Hooded Custom Printed Sweatshirt boasts a modest aesthetic and a high level of performance.
$36.49 - $43.48 Brand logo
The Badger Pro Heather Custom Printed Fusion Performance Fleece Hooded Pullover boasts a high level of performance and comfort.
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Viewing 1-21 of 21
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Affordability and comfort are two of the most important characteristics when it comes to choosing the right hoodie or pair of sweatpants. Badger has struck an ideal balance between the two and has produced quality hoodies and sweatpants that are perfect for custom print or custom logo. Not only are they affordable, they are also durable which means your custom designs will be able to last a long time.

Badger has achieved this balance by utilizing a range of quality materials and intelligent production methods. One such fabric is the smart 60/40 blend of ring-spun cotton and polyester which is not only comfortable and durable, it also acts as an excellent background for custom logos applied via custom screen-printing or custom logo embroidery. Along with these great fabric choices, Badger's hoodie lineup also boasts a number of features including theBadger Sport Shoulder for maximum movement and a true athletic fit, a two-ply hood with drawstring and spandex reinforced rib cuffs and waistband while the sweatpants feature a multi-needle covered elastic waist and inside drawcord, two deep side seam pockets and a double-needle bottom hem. With this extensive list of features, you can be sure that your custom logo items will perform well and look good.

Not everyone has the same sort of lifestyle and therefore does not have the same needs when it comes to clothing and this is why Badger has developed a range of items that come with a variety of features that pertain to particular people. This makes it incredibly easy for you to find the perfect product to get your own logo put onto with our custom logo screen-printing or custom embroidery options. Maybe you need some comfortable sweatpants for those rare moments of leisure or maybe you need an athletic hoodie to help you stay cool while you participate in the activities you love. You can't go wrong with Badger when it comes to finding excellent clothes.

By customizing your order of Badger sweats or hoodies with us, you will be receiving a top-of-the-line garment with a high quality screen-printed or embroidered logo on it. Both the garment and the design will last for years to come due to the high quality materials used and our professional customization skills.

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