Custom Embroidered Cardigans With Logo

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Custom Embroidered Cardigans With Logo

Custom logo Cardigans are a timeless trend that never goes out of style, and there is no limit on how you can style a cardigan. From creating a matching twin set for women to layering a cardigan with a button-down underneath, our large selection of great quality custom embroidered cardigans will put the perfect finishing touch to an outfit.
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$18.73 - Or Lower Brand logo
This custom printed cardigan is soft and perfect for layering.
$25.75 - Or Lower Brand logo
With an updated fit and figure-flattering details the extra soft cotton is combined with a dash of spandex to retain shapeand make the most of yours.
$26.13 - Or Lower Brand logo
The Custom Embroidered Port Authority Ladies Concept Stretch Button-Front Cardigan is a classy item with a flattering and professional aesthetic.
$25.00 - $28.55 Brand logo
The cardigan sweater combines comfort, formality, and friendliness. When you think of this sweater, you may think of someone like Mr. Rogers...
$29.33 - Or Lower Brand logo
Simple, elegant and charming are the three words that come to mind when you see the Custom Embroidered Port Authority Ladies Concept Cardigan.
$29.33 - Or Lower Brand logo
A good cardigan can keep you warm and look good along the way. This custom embroidered cardigan can help you do just that.
$24.70 - $30.01 Brand logo
Layering works well when the weather is unpredictable, and the custom printed Alternative Ladies' Eco-Jersey Rib Sleeve Wrap gets the job done in the most stylish way possible.
$27.45 - $31.75 Brand logo
This cardigan sweater looks formal, is comfortable, and is friendly towards your clients or your coworkers.
$32.53 - Or Lower Brand logo
A woman in business needs some good clothing to give her even more power, and this custom embroidered cardigan can provide.
$33.33 - Or Lower Brand logo
Complete your outfit with the elegant yet casual Custom Embroidered Port Authority Ladies Concept Shrug.
$32.28 - Or Lower Brand logo
A versatile custom printed cardigan with ease of movement and a longer length ideal for a busy life.
$33.91 - Or Lower Brand logo
A layering must-have made of ultra-soft snag-resistant microterry-it's as comfortable as it is polished in appearance. 6.8-ounce 62/33/5 poly/rayon/spandex microterry
$34.93 - Or Lower Brand logo
The Custom Embroidered Port Authority Ladies Concept Bomber Cardigan takes the bomber jacket aesthetic and combines it with a comfortable cardigan sweater.
$31.65 - $36.55 Brand logo
The Perfect Fit Ladies' Ribbon Custom Embroidered Cardigan from Devon & Jones is a comfortable, classy cardigan.
$37.60 - $43.35 Brand logo
Womens Open Front Cardigan
$37.61 - Or Lower Brand logo
If you are a professional woman looking to spice up your attire then the Custom Embroidered Port Authority Ladies Cardigan Sweater is perfect for you.
$38.13 - Or Lower Brand logo
The Custom Embroidered Port Authority Ladies Fleece Blazer boasts a classy aesthetic and very high level of comfort.
$33.05 - $38.15 Brand logo
The Ladies' Perfect Fit Shawl Collar Cardigan from Devon & Jones offers a delicately classy look.
$38.58 - $44.47 Brand logo
Practical and comfortable, this women's long-sleeve custom embroidered cardigan is a versatile choice.
$34.72 - $40.05 Brand logo
Be ready for business with the warm Custom Embroidered Van Heusen Quarter-Zip Sweater.
$41.33 - Or Lower Brand logo
Modern, chic and elegant are the words that come to mind when you see the Custom Embroidered District Made Ladies Cardigan Sweater.
$35.85 - $41.35 Brand logo
Fashion forward with a classic design, the Custom Embroidered Devon & Jones Manchester Fully Fashioned Full Zip Sweater is extra comfy and soft.
$44.53 - Or Lower Brand logo
This sweater is great for any woman who wants to stay warm and look good.
$44.53 - Or Lower Brand logo
Do you want a sweater that can keep you warm and comfortable? Well, you've come to the right place.
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If there is one word you can use to describe cardigans, versatile would be it. The great thing about cardigans is their many possibilities. Put a matching shirt underneath and create a custom twinset, which looks professional on women. Add a button-down, long-sleeve shirt underneath and style it with the cuffs peeking out of the sleeves for a preppy, casual feel.


A shawl collar cardigan mimics the look of a blazer, but feels and fits like a soft sweater, making it perfect for those long work days. For men, adding a tie to a long-sleeve shirt and slipping into a cardigan creates a polished outfit that feels more comfortable than a jacket but still looks work-ready on cold days.


Our custom embroidered Full-zip cardigans is a fun alternative to a regular button-down design and add a bit of flair to any look, and jewel neck designs are modest and professional. Perfect for men and women, V-neck cardigans come with features like color matched buttons, front pockets, and smooth fabric, which is perfect for your custom embroidered design.


Skip the casual look of a T-shirt and offer your employees the upscale look and feel of a sweater, and dare to venture into more unique territory when it comes to company clothing. Not only are cardigans work appropriate, but transition well into corporate meetings, company events, fundraisers, or dinners out with colleagues.


Available in a range of sizes, colors, and styles, including neutrals like black or bolder shades like aqua, our custom cardigan sweaters are priced to sell and come in brands you know you can trust, including Edwards, Devon & Jones, and Bella + Canvas.


To keep cardigans casual, slip a T-shirt underneath in a contrasting color, or choose the varsity design for a fun retro feel. When it comes to adding your custom logo with embroidery, we believe it’s the best and most stylish way to promote your business.


Contact our representatives today and we’ll help you turn your logo into embroidery within the color palette you desire, and at the price you can afford.

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