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Custom Printed Sling Backpacks, A Great Seller For Most College Campuses.

Custom printed sling backpacks are ideal for the new college student or fresh faced business man or woman. These sling backpacks are easy to handle whether on the move or simply sitting on the bus waiting to head home. Choose the custom printed sling backpacks that best suit your needs.
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$4.36 - Or Lower Brand logo
Sometimes, you need a bag with a simple design. After all, as long as it can store your supplies, it's done its job. The Port Authority Ultra-Core Cinch Pack is one such bag.
$8.13 - Or Lower Brand logo
The Port Authority Zip-It Cinch Pack is a custom printed pack that keeps your items safe and secure.
$8.94 - Or Lower Brand logo
If you're looking for a stylish backpack that has a great contemporary design, check out this sling pack from Port and Company.
$6.90 - $8.50
Great for a hike or to use day to day at school this custom printed backpack has a diagonal dual zippered opening with a build in iPod holder and earport.
$10.40 - $11.48
Enjoy The Music | This fun custom printed sling backpack features a mesh cell phone holder, adjustable shoulder sling, built-in slot for ear buds, and more...
$23.18 - Or Lower Brand logo
The Custom Embroidered OGIO Sonic Sling Pack is highly convenient with its single strap and intelligent design.
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Sling backpacks offer a unique design that is appropriate in or out of the classroom. A custom printed sling backpack would be a great seller for most college campuses or school stores. Simply print the school mascot on one of the four color combination styles to help students show school pride and stay fashion forward.  These backpacks are slim lined, but roomy enough to hold all the necessities for school or work.


The sling backpacks are easy to carry with a quick grab handle or the strap that can be worn across one shoulder. Great for hiking or biking,  the lightweight sling backpack is easy to handle while on the move. Custom printed sling backpacks would be ideal for gyms or even summer camps that involved outdoor activities in which campers need to carry supplies. The ideas are only as limited as your imagination.


Custom printed sling backpacks even have a spot in the business world as many new and seasoned employees prefer the sling backpack to a traditional backpack or briefcase.  This is especially true of those that choose to be green and walk to work instead of driving. Waste no more time.  Choose your logo and give us a call if any help is needed on your custom printing needs.


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